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September 12, 2019

To my fellow Amtgardians,

Amtgard United Games Heroic Team Sports (AUGHTS) LLC wishes to thank the overwhelming love and support of so many Amtgardians that have reached out to help fight against bullying.  One day soon we will honor those who silently and openly helped us break the chain and the wheel for freedom.  AUGHTS LLC promises never to charge the LARP community for use of Amtgard because living the dream is priceless.  AUGHTS LLC is calling for an intercontinental Amtgard convention to discuss the future of Amtgard together and how to move together forward forever free.

Today as it was true in our 2017 letter, Amtgard the LARP, is hereby declared free and open source for all of the following programs and organizations that sponsors said programs provided they are legal, play fair, and do not ban nor oppose the trademark owner and organization affiliates (e.g. don't make competing board game nor ban):

GRANTED use of the mark (no charge, no fee, no $2,000 per year per kingdom – yes 100 percent free for LARP):
Celestial Kingdom                                                     
Empire of Rivermoor
Empire of the Iron Mountains
Freeholds of Amtgard
Kingdom of Black Spire
Kingdom of Crystal Groves*
Kingdom of Dragonspine
Kingdom of the Emerald Hills
Kingdom of Goldenvale
Kingdom of Neverwinter
Kingdom of Northern Lights
Kingdom of Northreach
Kingdom of Polaris
Kingdom of the Rising Winds
Kingdom of Tal Dagore
Kingdom of Westmarch
Kingdom of the Wetlands
Kingdom of Winters Edge
Principalities of Amtgard, namely:
Principality of Nine Blades
Principality of Viridian Outlands
The Golden City
Worldwide Amtgard (especially our brothers and sisters in Canada, Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania)
Events: Amtgard at GenCon, Amtgard Keep on the Borderlands, Amtgard Great Eastern, Amtgard Spring Wars 
(Please contact if you wish to be recognized)
(*the actual program sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Games, not the fake one at Jones Point Park, Virginia)

The only thing AUGHTS LLC ask is that you stay legal, be fair, and don’t make Amtgard board games.  It is unfair for Amtgard International to charge Amtgard Keep on the Borderlands and the Amtgard Kingdoms for $2,000 or more per year per Kingdom forever, for something Amtgard International does not even own.   AUGHTS LLC is the federally recognized trademark owner of Amtgard through the sale in trade of a board game.  This board game protects the live action role players from being exploited by bullies like Amtgard International.  From now on Amtgard LARP is free – so play on! 

AUGHTS (Amtgard United Games Heroic Team Sports) LLC

P.S. the following because of their alleged unlawful conduct and bullying are hereby to cease and desist from using the mark by their continuing to bring it shame to the name of Amtgard:

DENIED use of the mark (not a useless ban, but an actual legally enforceable cease and desist order to use):
Amtgard International for alleged fraud in the inducement, contract, tax & charity scam
Kent Patten (Kord) and Denise Patten for alleged libel, racketeering, tax & charity scam
Brennen Meiners (Gordon Freeman) for alleged sexual assault, domestic abuse, racketeering, tax & charity scam
J.P. Prentiss (Medrynn) for alleged malpractice, charity scam and ex parte (without counsel) bullying
Ben Glicker (Randal)  for alleged aiding and abetting to charity scam and his propaganda site e-Samurai for libel

Miranda Hoffman (Shiva) of Hagerstown, Maryland for alleged misrepresentation, tax & charity scam, nepotism
and anyone else with violent criminal conviction or alleged tax/charity fraud that risks our games.